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Sending Confidential Information Securely Through the Web or Social Media

QLink.itFrom time to time, you may have the need to share confidential information with partners, vendors, customers, family, and friends. QLink.it is a new tool that allows you to encrypt confidential information and then safely send it through the web or your preferred social media tool, like Text Message, Email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.

QLink.it is a new web app (mobile apps coming soon) that doesn’t require you to install special software on your computer or mobile device.



How It Works

  1. Go to https://QLink.it
  2. Enter your confidential message, such as financial report, credit card number, or social security number.
    • Optionally attach a file
  3. Click the button “QLink it!”
  4. Then the app encrypts the message and returns you a link.
  5. Copy-Paste that link to an email, text message, or your preferred social media tool.
  6. The recipient of the message will get the link, and then click on the link to go to QLink.it and view the message unencrypted.

QLink.it is different and much more secure than SnapShot, as you can see below.


Security Features

Privacy, Expiration, and Self-Destruction

If the message is not read, it will expire in 24 hours. Also, the message will expire and self-destruct after the first time it is read. Thus, once the message is read, its content can never be retrieved or viewed by anyone else again. As a result, if the recipient is able to view the message, that confirms that nobody else has viewed the message before.

Client-Side Encryption

The key to encrypt the message is not stored in the servers at QLink.it. Therefore, even if someone gains access to their servers, they won’t be able to access your confidential message.


QLink.it assures that your private message is stored in their servers’ temporary memory, and is never stored on hard disk.


Not a Perfect Solution… Yet!

This tool is not perfect yet, but it’s on the right track, and it’s definitely offering a great solution compared to other free tools. However, one potential problem is that somebody could read your message before the intended recipient. To reduce this potential risk, do the following.

  1. Make sure your recipient will be ready to read your secure message after you send the link.
  2. Send your recipient the link as soon as you create your secure message.
  3. Follow up with your recipient to ensure he/she reads your secure message right away.


Additional Tips

I expect the developers to make enhancements to this tool soon. In the meantime you can follow some of these tips to increase the security and privacy of your messages.

  1. On your secure message, enter the information in a way that is not easy to identify. E.g. instead of saying "this is my SSN: 123-12-1234", I would just say "123-12-1234".
  2. You can split your secure message in two or three separate secure messages. E.g. "123" "12" "1234". This way if someone is able to intercept only one of the messages he would not get useful information.
  3. You can disguise the information. E.g. like a phone # "(123) 121-2340"
    1. In this case, the trailing zero would be bogus
  4. There are other tricks that you can use. The limit is our imagination.


For more information and to try this wonderful tool, you can visit https://QLink.it

Please post a comment below to let us know if you like the tool, and what other ideas you have for securely sending confidential information.


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